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Friday, June 9, 2023

Self-publishing books – For your outstanding success

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 Tự xuất bản sách – Cho sự thành công vượt bật của bạn - Self-publishing books – For your outstanding success

Are you looking for a self-publishing solution? And you must have the desire to self-publish your own books to take your career to the next level.

Self-publishing books in the past time has proven to be an effective method for author success, and moreover, with self-publishing, you can successfully surpass identified authors who have been published. Traditional version of the book!

So why is self-publishing such an effective publishing method that you need to adopt today?

First: Self-publishing gives you the opportunity to be “active” in the book publishing process and not to depend on other complicated forms.

Second: Self-publishing a book is really an innovative solution for you to publish a book quickly and efficiently instead of waiting years or even "decades" for the book to be unpublished.

Third: Self-publishing a book is not only an improved publishing method, it actually gives you the opportunity to become a “great author” (if you know the right way) and gives you the opportunity book publishing wherever you are and to what extent?

Fourth: Self-publishing gives you the power to decide almost 100% of your work so that you can “freely – freely” focus on writing for readers (not just writing for publishers). or publishing affiliates) – is the author's best gesture (not the "writer"), and that is also the trend of today, self-publishing is the Successful choice for everyone.

Fifth: Self-publishing will take off with the times – And if you follow the flow of the times you will have great success in the future – A new generation of young authors is born on the form of self-publishing book and a great success.

However, to be truly successful with self-publishing, you must keep the following in mind:

Firstly: Choose a partner to publish your book in a reputable way, and moreover, they are experienced in the publishing industry as well as take care of the author thoughtfully and carefully – For their own sake. will be the one to help your work succeed and more.

Second: Whatever you can do to make yourself a successful self-publisher – But seek advice from those who have come before you – who will support your self-publishing success. Because they will actually provide a better solution than you expect so that you can have even more success with self-publishing. Tran Trung Kien – An author, author consultant skilled in the field of helping successful self-published authors will bring you the best value for self-publishing to achieve success beyond expectations.

Third: To be able to successfully self-publish a book, the most important thing is that you have to be able to market - that is, you have become a "writer for readers" rather than a "writer" (in the traditional book publishing). Moreover, to really be successful in self-publishing, you have to be a PR - Advertiser - to sell your book effectively after knowing how to self-publish and self-publish successfully. Because self-publishing gives you the freedom – the right to decide, and for that reason you are also responsible – with a special obligation on the book work you publish yourself.

Fourth: Self-publishing is definitely the form of publishing of the future and if you want to publish your work, this is really the form of your choice to bring you success in the future – In when many authors are struggling with the question of how to publish a successful book? Then you've done it and done the best you can!

Finally, for any questions that need to be answered for you to successfully self-publish your book, please contact Tran Trung Kien - Author - Author advisor whose book is the top voted favorite by readers in Vietnam, will advise and answers all your questions and offers the perfect solution for your self-publishing success building on what you've already done and adding on what you haven't done so you can successfully self-publish exceed expectations.

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